Samoa Obesity Epidemic

There is a major Samoa obesity crisis amongst Pacific Islanders. American Samoa now has the fattest population on earth, with 93 percent of its adults, overweight or obese.

Its neighbors Samoa is not far behind.Samoa is one of the most remote islands in the world.The Samoan Islands now have some of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the world.

American Samoa – 9 Out Of 10 Adults Overweight

In Samoa and neighboring American Samoa, 9 out of 10 adults are obese or overweight. I’m here to meet two of them. Tabata Harmony from Samoa weighs 27 stone. His kidneys are failing, his doctors say he’s, eating himself to death and he’s only 33 yeah, so kiddie blokey the oligarchy mode.

American Samoan, Lori Mae has type 2 diabetes brought on by obesity. She’s going blind and she’s had two toes amputated. She’s 28. She’s pregnant and if she doesn’t lose weight, doctors fear she may lose her unborn child.

Samoa Obesity

Drinking Two Liters Of Soda A Day Is Common

Tabata has been drinking two liters of sugar packed soda every day.

Do you worry about your health? I’m, so worried about for my life, because I know I’m too much heavy and yeah. I’m, so worried, because I really love for my wife and my kids and my families yeah most of the people here are very aware that if they don’t change their lifestyle they might die.

Tabata’s, got two types of food on his shopping list. First locally grown veg for his weight loss diet. Then the food he and his family prefer all imported. So what kind of meat do you like.

Samoa Obesity

Fatty Mutton And Corned Beef Are Affordable Foods

In the last few decades mutton flaps from New Zealand have become a Samoan favourite here.This cheap off cut of sheep belly is over 40 percent fat. They don’t eat it in New Zealand. They use it as dog food. This meat isn’t sold in other countries.

Another favorite Samoan food,is corned beef.It has over twenty percent fat, which is over double what you would find in the same product in the UK.

A lot of tinned food gets sent to Samoa because it’s so remote.This one plate contains more than half of my recommended daily calories.

Samoa Obesity

Family Gatherings Mean Large Calorie Based Foods

Regular family gatherings, accompanied by big meals, are an important part of Samoan life. Is it cheaper or is it more expensive to be healthy.

The problems obesity causes in Samoa, which only has a population of 200,000, they’ve, had to set up a diabetic foot clinic.Type 2 diabetes caused by obesity, the disease damages nerve endings and restricts blood flow.

Obesity causes a condition called sleep apnea, which includes a poor sleep cycle, so it means their sleep is not very effective, so they fall asleep a lot easier throughout the day.

In the last 30 years, the number of Samoans with type 2 diabetes, has gone up 20 times.

Samoa Obesity

American Samoa – A Overweight Nation

American Samoa, was colonized by the United States.Adults here are overweight or obese. It’s, thought to be the fattest place on earth.

In American Samoa,turkey tails,are on the menu for lunch.Turkey tails are the fattiest part of the bird, a gland that produces oil for feathers. They’re imported from America and our firm favorite.

Only 28 Noorie May saw her mother die young at just 48. She had diabetes too and died from a heart attack. Her dad Col Marni also has diabetes. He now uses a wheelchair and needs constant medication.

That’s, that’s. I think this. It’s a problem, so this is dead right, Jackie Taylor, okay yeah, why do you have a deal of Lori May is meant to keep her blood sugar levels under control for her baby safety, but she’s struggling to cut back on sweet drinks, soda was my addiction.

If I don’t want to eat. As long as I have soda, I’m good because of the risks to her baby. Lori may has to go for weekly medical check-ups. Her doctor’s, done a blood sugar test and after Sunday’s feast, I’m worried the results could be bad.

Samoa Obesity

Yesterday at lunch we had concentrated juice, which has got a lot of sugar in it.I can’t help it, but think that Laurie may might be not being totally honest about what she’s eating.

I think she’s eating some sugar. A lot of people are in denial.I don’t know how well for me. I learned it for some basis. My daughter is diabetic, so it’s really hard. It’s hard to to know that a younger age she has diabetes and she has to stick by what supposed to be done, but it’s really hard.

This is easily said and done. The consequences of being in denial are extreme. The doctors tell me if I want to get a sense of how bad things are. I should go to the morgue,and see the the mortician. He’s been working here for 20 years.

During that time he has seen a huge change here.This three foot wide coffin can hold a body weighing up to 35 stone.Talking to the mortician, who has been working here in the hospital for twenty years.

He has seen more and more of the young generation,ending up here with him on a slab and he’s saying that he wishes he could meet them more in life than then in now in death.

Since 1980, the global percentage of people with diabetes has more than doubled to 9 %. If the doctors can’t control the disease,amputatation is common.













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