Obesity in America

“So while after you eat these meals, you have energy, but the energy lasts a very short period of time and you’re hungry much sooner and then you have to eat again and then you have to eat again and then you have to eat again”,This is the sad story of obesity in America.

It is a lot cheaper to go, eat fast food,meaning you can buy a hamburger cheaper than you can buy an apple that’s very sad, so you tell them you have to pay more in order to eat healthy.

The Poorest People In America Are The Fattest

Unbelievably the poorest people in our country are the fattest people.We’ve done something completely wrong.On a Sunday afternoon in a New Orleans supper, the Bucktown seafood festival is getting underway.

Bucktown is a tiny fishing village that has been here for more than 150 years. It was almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but it hasn’t lost its touch for what it does best. Food is a big part of the culture in New Orleans and they tend to use a lot of deep, fried foods and heavy sauces.

They’ll tell you that, while people in other places may eat to live here, they actually live to eat with ruolan’s. Most of my food begins with what we call a room in a roux, is a combination of flour and oil and that’s, the basis for most of our sauces and, as a result, there’s a lot of fat.

That’s in the basic foods that we make from the soups to Gumbo’s.How important is food to the culture down here? High blood pressure and heart disease are major killers. Wendy O’Neill was born in New Orleans after Katrina.

McDonalds For Breakfast,Lunch And Dinner

She says it’s even more difficult to access good food, let’s, see McDonald’s for breakfast McDonald’s for lunch McDonald’s for dinner.Consider the facts. Two out of every three Americans are overweight.

That number is expected to rise to three out of four by 2020. The United States is the world’s, baddest developed nation with an obesity rate double of that in many European countries. One in three Americans is expected to have diabetes by 2050.

Minorities have been even more profoundly affected, blacks of a 50 % higher prevalence of obesity in Hispanics 25 % higher wood compared with whites. So how did it get this way? Obesity rates have been going up very rapidly in the United States, but really only since about 1980 before that they were constant for decades.

A change in the way our federal agriculture policy worked, which went from paying farmers not to grow food to paying farmers to grow. As much food as they possibly could, and the result of that was an enormous increase in the amount of food available in the country for consumption portion sizes went up as well best.

obesity in america

Food Servings Are Up To Five Times Larger since 1980

Food servings are two to five times what they used to be. This is the signature Burger King story Times Square in New York. This particular meal has somewhere around 3,600 calories, look at the size. It would take around 18 hours of exercise to burn off this many calories.

I mean I still remember. There was a Coke machine in the teachers lounge of my elementary school and it had these itty-bitty little bottles. I think they probably were eight ounce bottles of coke.

The average portion that you see, if you went into like a convenience store, would probably be a 20 ounce bottle that’s sold as a single serving American food policy. Doesn’t happen in isolation.

There are many moving parts that make up a complex puzzle: large government agencies, multinational corporations and, of course, lobbyists who try to shape the country’s.

Food policy, as it comes out of Washington, for the government to try to force changes to dictate to consumers in a free society. What they do is not there’s, not a good record of that being successful.

obesity in america

Public Health In America Needs To Change

All of this goes back to Congress, and if you want to do something about public health in America, what you really need to do is to change election campaign laws so that these big corporations aren’t paying for congressional elections,the source of corruption in American government.

Two out of every three food stores in Harlem, is what’s known as a bodega. Now these aren’t grocery stores. They’re more, like corner convenience stores.

So, rather than having fresh meat and fresh vegetables, they tend to have a lot of processed foods, sugary foods and especially sodas.

The city of New York, has identified sodas and other sugar Sweetened beverages As one of the main causes of obesity in an attempt to improve health and decrease consumption.

The city requested a one year ban on allowing recipients of food stamps to purchase the drinks. The SNAP program is really not designed to purchase a person’s entire diet, but it’s, designed to give them more money so that they can afford nutritious foods.

I don’t think anyone in this country would argue that sugar sweetened beverages are not nutritious foods, while the request is being considered by the Department of Agriculture, the beverage industry is fighting back.

Add A Tax To Sugary Drinks

Add A $5 tax to these drinks. That’s, not pennies. That’s serious money. New York has fought a similar battle once before and lost when it tried to implement a soda tax. Earlier this year we can’t afford to say no to the beverage tax.

The American Beverage Association spent more than 10 million dollars on their ad campaign, defeating the bill. People are entitled to treat themselves at a certain level.

They treat themselves with government money by their own by all means, because soda is not the sole culprit of obesity and if you’re gonna pinpoint what are the culprits? Obesity we’re gonna have to eliminate maybe 60 % of products we sell in our supermarkets today.

Taco bell/pizza hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald ‘ S are at all-time highs for consumers stretching their recession. Dollars to buy healthy food has been tough, especially when chains like Little Caesars offer a large pizza for only 5 bucks or the McDonald’s.

obesity in america

Only $2 For A Double Cheeseburger

Mcdouble, their double cheeseburger goes for just $ 2. Your mother gives you 5 dollars. You want to make that stretch,when going to McDonald’s. You’re gonna want some fries, something to drink.

Home economics in school, taught what what a healthy plate looks like. You have a starch, a protein, a vegetable and I think that’s the information that children don’t have.They see in their environment, unhealthy food and they see it’s cheaper.

Being consumed by everybody, they don’t think about an alternative, but if you gave them the education, maybe they would have the information to make the alternative choice.

The healthier choice at the Thurgood Marshall lower Academy, an elementary school on 151st Street. An experiment is underway to fight back against the array of bad food choices in the community.

Dr. Williams is a neurologist at Harlem Hospital.He’s developed a program that harnesses the power of hip hop music to teach children about healthy food choices.He knows that the odds are stacked against them.

Nearly half the children in Harlem are overweight or obese, and this message has to be not a well-oiled, well-funded, fast-food industry that spent 4.2 billion dollars on advertising last year.

When you’re eating fried foods, you’re eating dead foods. You’re eating foods that have no life.The United States Department of Agriculture or USDA,it represents the American food industry, everything from small farmers to chain restaurants.

And in doing so it helps them, sell more food, but it also puts out the dietary guidelines for Americans and for a nation facing an obesity epidemic.

Eat More Nutritious Food

Eating less food could be the only way out. So how can this one department represent these conflicting interests? The USDA, whose historic role has been to promote American agribusiness, is now also in the position of promoting healthful diets, and that was never a problem before obesity became a problem.

It was all the dietary advice,that needed to change, to encourage people to eat less, that the USDA came into conflict and those conflicts have played out over the years.. Well, the dietary guidelines for Americans, which is the advice that the government gives the people about what to eat.

John Bode was the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for food and consumer services during the 1980s.Now he’s, a lobbyist representing clients like Kraft Foods and McDonald’s.

It’s what’s known as the revolving door between the food industry and the government agencies meant to regulate it.Michael Taylor was an executive at the agricultural giant Monsanto before taking a senior post at the Food and Drug Administration or Catherine Woteki, who left the USDA in 2001 and later joined Mars.

obesity in america

Mars the candy company that makes skittles and M & Ms and then was brought back by President Obama to the USDA and so the revolving door. That causes some concern: that’s, understandable.

The notion that our government officials would one day be a government official in the next day, basically selling their influence and so stepping out for a year.

In 2007, Pizza Hut came out with cheesy bites pizza, as you’d expect, it’s high in calories and saturated fat. What you may not suspect is that some of the support for it came from a surprising source, a trade group overseen by the USDA.

Is there a conflict of interest when you’re representing the cheese industry and you’re representing the nutritional interest of Americans? Well, I wouldn’t presume to speak to that, because that’s not my particular area of expertise.

I will tell you that the Food and Nutrition Service, a part of USDA that tries to encourage healthy eating in a school setting. I has never taken it more seriously than we do today.

We pressed Julie Paradiso about this several times today, the USDA is celebrating the opening of a salad bar at an elementary school in Washington DC.

43% Of Students Are Obese Or Overweight

It’s, a step in the right direction for a school system that has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. Forty-Three percent of the students here are either obese or overweight. This is very, very atypical of what you see in the school system.

The US government says the current generation could be the first in history to have a shorter lifespan than their parents. The forces driving the obesity spike in America may be complex, but they’re, not unknown.

The question is: who’s profiting from the current situation? Clearly, not the children. I think it comes down to money and I think it’s, a complicated, multi-layered problem and I think it’s, something that’s perpetuated itself throughout the years, especially for people of color to be in a very poor Urban area is not exactly a choice.

obesity in america

Your money dictates that you need to live there and the same thing with what you buy to eat. You buy this within your means. The economics of our food structure are completely working against public health.

I mean you almost couldn’t, have designed a worse environment where you take your least healthy products, things that are high in sugar and fat and salt and highly processed, and you make them significantly less expensive than your most healthy products.

A lot of families do are just in that financial situation, where cheap food is so heavily subsidized, so falsely inexpensive that they just don’t know any better. You know – and I tell you once they once they find out what we’ve done with with their food system what we’re due to their children.


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